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Multi-Tech specializes in the supply, installation, commissioning of Telecommunication Systems as well as supply of trained manpower to the industry around the world. Our main areas of activity are Turnkey Contracting for networking & system applications, inventory handling, local importation and other services covering the majority of areas concerning telecom service integration. Our headquarter is in Islamabad, with offices in Lahore and Karachi. We also have offices in UAE, Turkey and U.S.A as well as subsidiaries such as Brightcom International.
To meet IT/Telecommunication and Networking Sector’s growing requirements of end users/Corporate customers. Business today is an interdependent global economy where knowledge is the key asset and information is currency. The need for an immediate and accurate means of communication is unprecedentedly high, exacerbated by increasing global competition and the pace at which technology is changing. Within this new world, which regards knowledge and information as essential, we are witnessing an accelerating growth of "Learning Organizations". Resources who can share information in all forms with ease and speed will gain the advantage of becoming part of more powerful entity. In this way, the communication of information creates a community, which is empowered by the binding thread of knowledge. To make this community of knowledge a total reality, we are contributing our share as turnkey contractor exploiting local manpower and expertise.

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